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  • Backend | C&C Solutions

    Mapping Portal Backend To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. TYPE OF PROPERTY Apartment Commercial Land Commercial Property Double Storey House Rental Single Storey House Vacant Land Other arrow&v SELECT THE AREA Urban Rural arrow&v Lami Town Levuka Town Nasinu Town Suva City Labada Town Nadi Town Nausori Town Rakiraki Town Tavua Town Ba Town Lautoka Town Sigatoka Town Savusavu Town arrow&v ZONE Residential A Residential B Residential C Residential D Commercial A Commercial B Commercial C Commercial D Heavy Light Noxious arrow&v TENURE Free Hold Lease Native Lease State Lease arrow&v STREET LOCATION ADDRESS Google Image Upload Google Image LAND SIZE FLOOR AREA OF BUILDING PROPERTY PICTURE Upload Property Image Vendor Details Purchaser Details Agent Details SALE DATE SALE PRICE TITLE REFERENCE Confirm Entry

  • 3D ANIMATOR | C&C Solutions

    3D ANIMATOR The 3D Animator will serve as an animating expert for the C&C creative team. The creative team is a collection of energetic and ambitious individuals who are dedicated to producing the highest quality marketing communications and branded creative assets for our partner programs. Our team produces a wide range of marketing assets that require animations, including light-weight motion and motion graphics for advertising; high-concept animated advertising; cinemographs; GIFs; long-form animated stories, and more. The 3D Animator must be able to use all software and tools to create animations (3D Max, Maya, illustrations, video FX tools, After Effects, etc.) to tell compelling stories through a range of marketing assets. ​ In order to be considered for this position, you must submit samples of your work demonstrating a range of skills and project types. You may submit an e-portfolio, website, or reel. Include information about your role in each or key project’s production. ​ ​ KEY ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: ​ Animate marketing assets for our partners ​ Animation types include, but are not limited to: Ads for social channels ranging from light-weight to heavily animated ads Ad concept mock-ups for partner presentations Short animated clips or cutaways that help drive story in documentary marketing videos Long-form animations for social posts and blog content Incorporate photography into animations with techniques such as cinemographs, 2.5D, and GIFs for social media Follow standards for exporting/converting files to various formats while maintaining an organized system Manage multiple projects and remain flexible through revisions while keeping keen attention to detail ​ Using strategic analytical skills, interpret briefs and brand needs, and present concepts that fulfill project needs ​ Work from a creative brief to grasp brand and client needs and specifications Pitch concepts and clearly convey rationales to marketing and external stakeholders Maintain the visual brand identities and content strategies of our partner brands Develop an animation aesthetic for each client that accentuates their brand and the messaging of particular ads ​ Continue to learn software, tools, and FX styles to better animate for all marketing assets ​ Continuously discover and implement new technologies and industry best practices to maximize efficiency Thoroughly understand changing industry standards and strategy for different types of animations Learn new skills that can broaden the capabilities of the team EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: ​ Bachelor's degree or Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation Minimum 3 years of industry or freelance animation experience Demonstrate animating capabilities with a strong portfolio and excels in graphic animation knowledge Advanced experience with digital animating technologies and relevant software packages (e.g., 3D Max, Maya, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) Additional post-production skills such as Adobe Premiere and Audition (preferred) Strong sense of visual composition, motion, and storytelling Excellent prioritization, multi-tasking, and file organization skills Have the ability to work collaboratively and be open to feedback and art direction Calm, flexible and able to work under pressure or with short deadlines ​ Please provide a link to your reel or samples of your work for consideration. ​ ​ ​ ​ Apply Now

  • C&C Water | C&C Solutions

    C&C Water is a natural artesian water that originates from the tranquil tropical islands of Fiji. ​ Bottled at the source amid lush tropical rainforests on the main island of Viti Levu, C&C water is untouched by man. ​ The distinctive and pleasant quality of C&C water is one of the purest waters on Earth. It is truly a gift of nature from the unspoilt islands of Fiji. ​ Although Fiji is a small country, our natural and pristine environment produces some of the best artesian water sources on Earth. C&C Water comes from an aquifer in the Northern part of Viti Levu. ​ Fiji’s tropical rainfall, filters slowly through the volcanic rock of the land and collects in a natural artesian aquifer that formed centuries ago. ​ Our aquifer is protected from air and other pollutants by impermeable layers of rock and sand. Here it gathers minerals and electrolytes that supplement its smooth, fine taste. Typical Analysis. (mg/L) Silica 97 Calcium 26 Magnesium 13 Potassium 2.4 Bicarbonates 190 Total Dissolved Solids 250 PH. 7.5 Private label process The following steps illustrate the process of going towards your own private label. This is a general process, deviation from this process is always possible. us for more information. Please contact ​ A request for a private label brand starts with a meeting with one of our export managers. The minimum amount for production depends on the product and package. The export manager provides the client with more specific information.

  • UNV | C&C Solutions

    UNV Heat-Tracker Series Body Temperature Measurement Solution & Products OPD-533 TM Digital and Metal Detector Security Gate OPD-533TM is a walk-through security gate with metal detection and temperature measurement functions. OPD-533TM can detect tiny metals with high accuracy and offers a LCD screen for easy operation. Its non-contact temperature measurement helps epidemic prevention and control. OPD-533TM can be widely applied in universities, office buildings, communities, hospitals, etc. Automatic thermal temperature measurement and screening system TIC600 Fever is an important manifestation of the activation of the human immune system, which indicates that people are infected with bacteria or viruses. The main temperature measurement methods can be divided into contact and non-contact. ​ Key Features Longer distance, large scenes can also be accurately and quickly screened. The system contains blackbody, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ≤0.3°C. Simultaneous temperature display of visible and infrared thermal imaging. Real time thermal imaging, multi-target automatic temperature measurement. Support automatic capture when alarm is triggered to provide evidence after the event. Support automatic calibration of body and surface temperature to make temperature measurement more accurate Support historical alarm record query. The whole system is delivered together with tripod, software, etc. OPD-533 TM Digital and Metal Detector Security Gate OPD-533TM is a walk-through security gate with metal detection and temperature measurement functions. OPD-533TM can detect tiny metals with high accuracy and offers a LCD screen for easy operation. Its non-contact temperature measurement helps epidemic prevention and control. OPD-533TM can be widely applied in universities, office buildings, communities, hospitals, etc. UTi165H UTi165H is an infrared thermal imager combining surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal image. Traditional infrared thermometer needs to measure each accessory, but the thermal imager does not need to. Through the thermal imager, potential problems can be clearly displayed on the screen. The fuselage design is beautiful, functional, durable and ergonomic. The built-in high brightness lamp allows you to easily find the tested object when working in dark environment. It has excellent performance, adopts a new generation of imported sensor module to ensure excellent infrared resolution and rich color plate mode, can cope with a variety of shooting environments, has a wide range of measurement and photography functions.

  • RENEWABLE ENERGY | C&C Solutions

    RENEWABLE ENERGY Supply & installing solar panel, cable network, insulation & commissioning OUR SERVICES INCLUDED Consultation & Researching Design System Production Materials Evaluation Project Budgeting Project Management System Installation Service Maintenance Warranty OUR PRODUCTION

  • Fiji Advertising Agency | C&c Solutions | Central Division

    OUR SOLUTIONS DIGITAL VIDEO ADVERTISING WHO WE ARE We believe that every time there is a room for the best. With this in mind we began our journey in 1991 focusing Advertising & Branding, Marketing Solutions, Engineering and Energy Solutions. Our companies located in Fiji, Sri Lanka, and success within the above industries has fueled us growth in to new markets and we now offer complete software solution in including information security. Maldives We have had an amazing journey coming to where we are today and feel confident that we provide you a professional and effective solution in timely manner. Our vision gives us a sense of direction and capture our aspiration of being the best in everything we engage with. destination. It OUR WORK An exceptional team of solution-based specialists will focus on your business and technical objectives, and provide innovative solutions. Team members will listen and learn in order to develop a solid understanding of your needs. To increase cost-effectiveness through combined eforts, you will be offered the flexibility to select key services and identify work items that can be performed by your satisfactory. Efficiency of resources will provide results with a timeline tailored to your schedule. Knowledge of utility systems and operations provides a competitive edge and facilitates superior service to customers. OUR CLIENTS We love success. Achieve results and celebrate when we do. Work with others as a team to accomplish results and win. Have a “can do” (positive) attitude and drive to get the job done. Make people feel valued and appreciated. Make the tough calls. TESTIMONIAL Moving from traditional communication methods to Digital or Social media was a complete change in mindset for us at SPX. We decided to move after having to deliberate significantly and with the confidence that C&C Solutions provided us. We continued with a Social media strategy over the past year and are extremely satisfied with the outcomes and the results we have seen in our brand growth. Pretesh Prasad Acting CEO - South Pacific Stock Exchange GET IN TOUCH Submit We can't wait to hear from you No: 04, Loa Street, Tamauva, Fiji . P.O.Box 4242, Samabula. +679 977 9772 ​ +679 998 1341 ​ ​


    CINEMATOGRAPHER & EDITOR We’re looking for someone who’s naturally creative. You enjoy working with Graphics video, post-production, and creative personalities. You love working on a team just as much as you enjoy owning your own plate of work. Communicating within the agency, along with working in a fast-paced environment comes easily to you. You are also resourceful, responsive, and eager to get the job done. All with a smile on your face. ​ ​ KEY ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: ​ Utilize cinematography/photography skills to capture material for marketing and creative projects Apply best practices for use of light, framing, and composition Creative concept development, scripting, and storyboarding of video projects Lighting and shooting quality video content and recording clean audio Interviewing and directing video subjects and talent from behind the camera Non-linear video editing and rendering/encoding for a wide spectrum of specifications and file formats Gathering of b-roll assets, researching and editing stock music tracks Motion graphics manipulation and creation Collaborating with the creative team or working independently on concurrent projects to meet deadlines EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: ​ Diploma in Video Production technology and a minimum of and production experience 5 years DOP A sense of timing, good eye for details, as well as cinematic flair. Strong lighting and cinematography skills Excellent English, written and oral communication skills Strong familiarity with broadcast specs and deliverables Must have strong time management and problem solving skills, flexibility, and the ability to work well under tight deadlines. Individual needs to be familiar with a variety of production equipment including Canon 5D, Black magic & professional video camcorders, wireless lav microphones, shotgun microphones, lighting, dolly tracks, etc. ​ Please provide a link to your reel or samples of your work for consideration. ​ ​ ​ ​ Apply Now

  • Apply Now | C&C Solutions

    Job Application Senior Graphic Designer & 2d Animator 3D Animator Cinematographer & Production Supervisor Account Manager arrow&v Upload your CV Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Submit Thanks for submitting Job Application!

  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER | C&C Solutions

    GRAPHIC DESIGNER You create passionate, strategic, and motivating brand concepts, stories, ideas, and experiences for clients. You are excited about all forms of storytelling, ideation, developing, pitching, and finishing the job all the way through. You think “design” in your sleep. You deliver encouraging concepts that consumers, influencers, and artists haven’t seen before. You stay wired to sports, culture, fashion and music. You are a leader who is able to work with a small team and over-communicate. You can take direction, take the lead and take others under your wing. You won’t stop until the job is done. You outwork everyone and catch every little thing that might come undone and make things happen. ​ KEY ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: ​ Design, layout, and production of various marketing materials, including but not limited to brochures, ads, collateral, presentations, meeting/tradeshow graphics, newsletters, product packaging, web-based promotions, company templates and other promotional materials Assist in the creation of video graphics Research and maintain library of images, as needed Collaborates closely with other members of the creative services and communications team to support a wide range of marketing and communications needs Ensure projects are completed with high quality and on deadline Prioritize and manage multiple projects within design specifications and budget restrictions Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software ​ EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: ​ 2 to 3 years of graphic design and illustration experience Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop Print production experience preferred including dealing with vendor specifications, proofreading and pre-press print specifications Photography and/or videography experience a plus A strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics Highly attentive to detail and caring deeply about quality Experience handling multiple projects simultaneously and performing under tight deadlines Thrives in a highly iterative and fast-paced environment Ability to function well as a member of a collaborative team ​ Please provide a link to your reel or samples of your work for consideration. ​ ​ ​ ​ Apply Now

  • Export | C&C Solutions

    C&C Solutions exports a wide range of products from Fiji all around the world. From Vegetables, Ginger & Water, we engage in end-to-end handling of exporting a wide range of products. Our easy to purchase model backed with flexible policies and convenient payment options makes us an ideal choice for customers and retailers alike. If you are on the lookout for a prompt and efficient exporter who can deliver quality products, look no further than Fresh Farm. Contact us today to make a booking.

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No: 04, Loa street, Tamauva, Fiji.

P.O.Box 4242, Samabula, Fiji.

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